Any advice on foods/finger foods for my one year old, she’s a extremely picky eater

My kids always luved Cheeto puffs it's a good finger food but messy too. What bout Honey nut Cheerios too. I used to cut up chicken nuggets into small pieces n my kids always did good. I jus cut things up on smaller pieces n they seemed fine with it. What does she not like? Or what does she like?

27.10.2017 02:18

Grilled cheese cut into triangles or hot dogs chopped up thin

27.10.2017 02:41

Quesadillas, mini ravioli, pasta, pancakes, those little cheese cracker sandwiches, I'll cut up strawberries or grapes for snacks, cheese sticks, teddy grahams, peas, beans, carrot sticks (steamed soft since he only has 2 molars), puffs, cheerios, freeze dried fruits, he gets French fries sometimes too.

27.10.2017 03:41

@brittanymetzger2015, mostly everything if it isn’t sweet she doesn’t want it it’s a struggle everyday but she has no problem breast feeding. I really don’t want her to start that habit of sweet stuff

27.10.2017 16:32

Is it a texture thing or they only like certain foods (taste)... both can be worked around but in different ways. My son has both he goes through phases where he will only eat crunchy things so I make this broccoli and cheese tots. He also goes through phases where he will only eat certain foods so I try to mix them in with other foods. For example, he loves avocado so I'll make avocado quesadillas or sandwiches and add in other things.

27.10.2017 16:57

Just saw your above comment. Try to mix fruit with other things. Fruit is naturally sweet. Smoothies, oatmeal, cereal

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