Here are the other tests

Looks negative hun.

27.10.2017 01:59

Sorry, negative

27.10.2017 01:59

On my previous post of the ebt brand you can see a faint line but I guess it's just me.

27.10.2017 02:02

In that case give it a week and test again good luck!! 😊

27.10.2017 02:18

@mommyof2preciousboys1216, maybe it is just me but I think I see a faint line on the top one. @5babies, what do you think?

27.10.2017 02:20

I can’t see anything. Sorry. I always take digital tests, I know they cost more and aren’t “as sensitive”, but at least I’m not guessing lol.

27.10.2017 02:22

@scottiesmommy can you tweak this one

27.10.2017 02:34

27.10.2017 02:35

@scottiesmommy can you see anything

27.10.2017 02:36

I hate my phone it sucks at taking pics

27.10.2017 02:36

I think it is vvfl.

27.10.2017 02:37

@mommyof2preciousboys1216, I would test again first thing I the morning.

27.10.2017 02:37

@scottiesmommy do you see anything on the FRER?

27.10.2017 02:41

@mommyof2preciousboys1216, I see a very faint line on all of them.

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