I hate it when people tell me that I’ll regret trying to help my daughter walk. I’m sorry, but I want her to walk! First of all, she’s freaking heavy. Second, am I not supposed to help her accomplish milestones? She’s fourteen and half months, it’s just fine for her to walk 🙄

Right . it gets on my nerves . like you'll regret when they start crawling , walking , talking etc ummm excuse me for being a mom !

27.10.2017 01:46

@momofdeuce, I know!! I can’t wait for her to walk, and talk, and go to school. That’s part of the joy and the journey

27.10.2017 01:50

My son was not walking he was just walking while holding on but me and my husband had to show him that's when he started feeling encouraged abd now he is walking perfectly fine do what ur heart tells u

27.10.2017 01:51

Those r lazy parents just because they r all over the place and u gta always keep an eye but even when they crawling u gt keep ur eyes on them all the time

27.10.2017 01:52

I was trying to get my daughter to walk at 9 months like her dad did! Tell em to bite the wall!!!! I hear ya! My daughter was not light either, she started walking around 13-14 months.

27.10.2017 01:55

Same here girl. I hate it like worry about ur children and I’ll worry about mine. My daughter began to walk at 10 and a half months old. We love it.

27.10.2017 02:24

@larubia2723, I think the exact same thing.

27.10.2017 03:06

@brendam.paulino, that’s awesome! They all say She’ll get in to everything... yeah, she’s already in everything 🙄

27.10.2017 03:11

Tell them to go worry about the crack babies being born, or the kids being subjected to meth from their druggy parents! Your daughter learning to walk “early” or “late” is not a big deal in the their world, but it means the world to you! So tell them to worry about actual problems!!! Sorry, I’m a little fired up right now. LOL

27.10.2017 03:11

@sadiesue0718, I’m hoping she’ll get there soon, she’s so close!! I’m her momma, I’m supposed to be encouraging her! Crazy people... 😊

27.10.2017 03:13

@sadiesue0718, lol I love it!! It’s so true, there’s better things to think about than whether or not MY kid is walking

27.10.2017 03:15
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