Ladies can y'all see something I swear it's there. I took this one and a frer but it's very light on the first response sorry for poor quality my phone doesn't have flash can one of you tweak. Other test will be in comments

Second pic

27.10.2017 01:37

@mommyof2preciousboys1216 looks kinda positive mama tske another pic close up

27.10.2017 01:45

I see faint line

27.10.2017 01:54

@t3mp3rz88 @5babies I just posted the other picture. I swear I can see a vvvfl but maybe it's just mešŸ˜’

27.10.2017 01:58

@mommyof2preciousboys1216 i do see a faint line

27.10.2017 01:59

I see a faint line hun@mommyof2preciousboys1216,

27.10.2017 02:02

@mommyof2preciousboys1216, here.

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