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I’ve never been a picky eater until I became pregnant. Most things nauseate me even just by thinking about certain foods that I use to love and if I don’t get what I’m craving at the moment I get so upset and don’t even want to eat but sometimes I force myself because I have to make sure I eat for myself and the baby.. does anyone else have this problem?

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— Yes I am having the exact same issue

— @countrymama121, ugh it’s awful I wish it wasn’t happening but I guess it’s a part of pregnancy lol but I’m at least feeling a little better that I’m not the only one

— I can't even go on Facebook untill my nausea is gone because of all the food posts

— @daddysgoodlittlegirl2001, oh yeah I didn’t even think of that luckily so far I haven’t seen any food posts that have made me feel sick

— I'm having the same issue and my job is on the road. I have to remind myself to stop and eat.

— @melissagoss2285, yeah good idea! When I don’t eat it makes me even more nauseous and it just makes me nervous that I’m not giving the baby enough either so I just force myself to eat certain things or at least snack on some stuff

— @maurissaerhardt, yeah. My husband started reminding me when I switched jobs because he knew how I was when I on the road more for work than when I worked in a school. I only work part time but the days I'm working he texts me and will ask if I ate lunch or a snack. Because I get home late and eat dinner if I eat too fast or much I end up getting very sick.