Sitting at the ER waiting on my mom to come keep me company. I haven't been able to breathe in over a month. I went to one doctor and they had to google what they could give me because im pregnant (how reassuring right?) So I didnt want to go back there. I called the OB and she said I sounded horrendous and I should go to the ER because I couldn't even finish a sentence without running out of breath. So here I sit. Im worried they will want a chest xray, I know they will protect my baby but it still worries me cuz I trust NO-ONE!! 🤒😢

Aww man that's crazy wtf that will scare me the worst trying to Google something and your a doctor SMH.. hopefully you and the baby ok

27.10.2017 00:38

Will be ok

27.10.2017 00:38

Every time I went in they would just give me a breathing treatment

27.10.2017 00:40

@mommysbabies I've done more breathing treatments over the last month than i have in my entire life and within minutes im right back ti where i started. Im praying they find something that actually works.

27.10.2017 00:42

I had a similar issue happened to me with my second son. I could not breathe so I went in to the ER and they actually did X-rays and a MRI and they came to find out I was having broncospams from a bronchitis infection. Hope you can find a diagnose soon.

27.10.2017 00:56

I hope you find some relief

27.10.2017 00:58

I hope you get answers! (You'll be okay. My sister had a high risk pregnancy, and then wound up needing her appendix out at 16 weeks. Her son is now a healthy almost ten month old.)

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