Kinda freaking out, getting ready to leave to get induced in a few hours!

Yay! So exciting!

27.10.2017 00:31

Good luck! Everything will be ok.🍃

27.10.2017 00:31

I had both mine through induction and will always be induced

27.10.2017 00:36

Why are you being induced early? And good luck. You'll do great!!!@samanthaadennison

27.10.2017 00:53

You’ll do great. I was induced at 37 weeks 4 days. He came out perfectly healthy.

27.10.2017 01:02

Good luck 🙌🏾

27.10.2017 02:29

@keelygeedy she started measuring smaller so they took an ultrasound and not only that but fluid was low too. But she's a healthy baby and that's all that matters

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