Got my Paraguard today.

I got mine yesterday

27.10.2017 00:03

Is it any difference between this one and Mirena? Is it Iud?

27.10.2017 00:05

@momboo Yes. This one is hormone free and lasts 10 years.

27.10.2017 00:11

I gotta make my appt! Did it hurt?

27.10.2017 00:25

@melinanae Uh, a little. It kind of felt like she was pulling on my vag lol. But it doesn't take long. And they were talking to me while it was happening so. Lol.

27.10.2017 00:32

@bhtslove ok, let me know how you like it

27.10.2017 01:06

Lol oh damn! Thank youuuuu!!!

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