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So both of my boys are pigeon toed but only on their right feet, I have an extremely hard time keeping shoes on them well on that foot lol any other moms have this problem!?!

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— Both my boys came out like that, doctor said it was from how they're curled up in my ribs, I was advised to keep little shoes on them while they were small so that it would help flatten they're feet, and as they start to walk it will also adjust.. it worked, your boys are a little older then when I started the shoes on my kids but it may help 😕

— @boymom_, my oldest never really wore Shoes till he was about a year cause they wouldn't stay on the one foot.. And the baby I've only tried twice for the same reason.. So you said it worked for your boys? With my oldest his shoes always fall off that foot cause they won't go all the way on.. And it's a pain trying to even get it on to begin with 😐

— @tyoungdeer maybe get it on when he's sleeping? Maybe try a shoe size bigger? I didn't have too much a problem getting the shoes on, I just tried to deal with keeping it on as much as possible.. it was aggravating at times

— I'd talk to your doctor about braces then.

— @boymom_, I'm gonna have to try a bigger size and see if that'll work!

— @tyoungdeer

— Was taking a pic of how his feet were so pigeoned lol

— @stevie.savoie22, I never really thought anything of it till the baby was born and had the same problem when I tried putting shoes on him too.. I just thought they was pigeon toed 😕

— @boymom_, that's how both of my boys right feet are

— @tyoungdeer yeah if not talk to doc and they usually have braces for the problem, my doc just said to try that first and it seemed to work

— @tyoungdeer since birth? Hopefully the shoe thing will work so they won't have to use braces

— @boymom_, I'll talk to the doctor about it tomorrow they both have appointments!!

— @boymom_, hopefully it's nothing to worry about!

— @tyoungdeer good luck 🤞💚

— @boymom_, thank you!! ❤️

— @tyoungdeer 😉