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I know shes too little to focus yet but shes always cross eyed!

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— @1luckymama im not concerned yet as i know she can focus her eyes yet. My son was always crossed eyed too

— It's because the bridge of her nose hasn't grown out yet :) apparently it doesn't grow out properly till a child is two. 😁 We'd be cross eye'd too if our noses didn't grow they way they do! 🤣xx

— @dhovakiinx i had a lazy eye when i was little so i wouldnt be suprised if one of my kiddies did! I never knew that about their noses!

— @kayteamay, Yeah i didn't know about that till recently either! :P Also i have a lazy eye so need to wear my glasses 24/7 unless i'm asleep. 😂 I also have an overbite so if none of my kids inherit any of these damn they are lucky ⭐️😂xx