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I want to go try this zombie drink I am scared cus I am Brest feeding my daughter

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— I drink 2 cups of coffee everyday and i breastfeed

— @mama_kat89, and your baby dose ok ?

— @mamamariposaxo yes. As long as you dont go over 200 mg

— You can drink coffee

— You can try one cup and see how she does. If she isnt fussy then you can have two. You could always ask for decaf too if you want to be safe

— @mama_kat89, thx you you mamá :)

— Np i even drank coffee while pregnant i just watched my intake lol. I am a coffee person

— @mamamariposaxo. I drink like 3 cups of coffee a day .

— I’m pretty sure the zombie drink is not even coffee. Look it up on their website

— @littleonemorning, i was thinking that also

— @mommy_of_two_girls, i need coffe in my life Emely is a trip su night

— @latina.mama, lol i never went

— @latina.mama, i don’t care much for it