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The struggle of taking care of yourself and two kids . Let me eat something while both kids are sleep 😴😴

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β€” It's sooo hard lol idk how people with 3+ kids do it

β€” @ecahanes, lots of coffee

β€” It will get easier! Your doing great momma!!

β€” @ecahanes girlllll I would be pulling my hair out .

β€” @mommiesgoneabitmad yes coffee is momma best friend .

β€” @momofdeuce, you say that but honestly It was harder for me to go from 1 to 2 kids then from 2 to 3

β€” @mommiesgoneabitmad your oldest is far apart . I mean the ones with the stair steppers.

β€” @momofdeuce, that makes it tough at times. Their all on different intellectual levels it’s hard to find balance for all three