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So does anyone else in her have two girls around the ages 3 and 4 who act like total divas cause I swear that either there is something in the food or maybe I’m in a bad dream but these two girls act like teenagers and it’s really scary

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— We don’t live that far we should hv a playdate

— Girl. Mine are 5 and 6 and yes. Hahahaha it started around that age and hasn’t ended yet? Attitude gets a little better when you wrangle it in. But? Yes. Divas for life 😂

— @diegosmommy0213, I’m actually in Lake Elsinore temporally but I would like that I have to hyper girls

— @jlawrence62317, omg sometimes I’m Like who are you and who sent you lol

— Exactly! Like? Where did you even come from ? Hahah

— @jlawrence62317, lol I think omg is this my karma for being a little monster when I was little lol and instantly feel sorry for my Mom

— @athenamarie4115, that’s not bad like 45 I hv a active boy lol

— @diegosmommy0213, we need to figure out a day

— @athenamarie4115, yes message me