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I literally feel so destroyed and small. How could I be so naive? To think a man that promised me his life would ever break that promise. I ignored all the signs and all the people that told me you weren’t any good for me. I believed in you, I trusted you, I gave you my life & gave you a life - your daughter.

You have ruined everything.

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β€” I am so sorry, if u need to talk im here😞

β€” Im here as well !!!

β€” @momoftwo1, @khloemariahsmommy, thank you ladies. 😞

β€” No problem! @denisalozic717

β€” I'm here if u need someone to talk to

β€” I'm sorry hunni😫

β€” I'm so angry for you. I hope karma chews his ass up and spits him out into a pit of fire. You don't deserve this. 😑😞

β€” @damiensmommy1117, I went out and checked his car to see if he was keeping any condoms in there but I haven’t found anything. Except there were baby toys in his back seat, used & not my daughters..

β€” Wow ! This is exactly why it's so hard for women to open up to men . But they be quick to call a woman bitter but they are the cause of alot of pain !

β€” @denisah417 That's so not okay... What the fuck....

β€” @damiensmommy1117, exactly

β€” I’m so sorry your going through that!

β€” I’m sorry your going through that. I’m also here if you need to talk

β€” I'm so sorry you're going through this. I'll be sending you positive vibes. πŸ’–