Ftm. I am being induced tomorrow morning due to my gd. Looking for any insight or what to expect. Also, my cervix is still high and thick 😕 I am 39 weeks.

What they may do is give you pitocin, it’s a drug that will help you dilate and soften up your cervix. It’s really not all that bad, the worst part is the wait to be honest. I went in at 8pm on a Sunday to have my son and I didn’t actually have him until 8pm on Monday. I’m sure everything will be just fine!! :)

26.10.2017 08:11

were your gd causing complications ?

26.10.2017 08:56

@mommy2bee2 i was able to control it with diet from like 30 weeks then when i hit 38 weeks i couldnt get it regulated i was able to tell when my sugar was too high and my doctor said it was too late to start me on any meds so she opt for induction soon as i hit 39 weeks

26.10.2017 09:02

@andkitch1992 ohh Ok, i have gd and i'm doing alil better with the diet. i can also tell when it's too high or low cause i feel crappy. it has me concerned 🙁

26.10.2017 09:04

@mommy2bee2 its hard at first but it does get easier. Did you attend any classes for yours?

26.10.2017 09:05

@andkitch1992 no they didn't require me too, just met with nutritionist who explained the diet that was it

26.10.2017 09:08
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