How long after delivery did you guys have your first bowel movement?

With my last delivery it was on day 8! I was miserable and it was the scariest shit I’d ever taken!

26.10.2017 07:19

@morgan.k, I'm terrified also that's why I'm asking idk what's considered normal.

26.10.2017 07:20

I was also pushing fluids and taking the prescription stool softeners like prescribed until I finally pooped.

26.10.2017 07:21

Do you think that helped? I've been drinking warm prune juice I need get stool softener.

26.10.2017 07:22

Within 24 hours

26.10.2017 08:02

The next day with no stool softeners 😂😂😂

26.10.2017 08:33

About a day and a half later. I hate 3 prunes. Just about as soon as I was cleared to eat.

26.10.2017 10:04

About 2 days

26.10.2017 11:47

I this’s it was 3 or 4 days after

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