Hey mommas! I’m 9 + 5 weeks and I have a zero sex drive. I feel bad because I just don’t want to do anything, anyone else having this issue? My other two pregnancies it was completely opposite.

Yes I do

26.10.2017 06:41

I had no sex drive while pregnant. At all.

26.10.2017 06:43

I’ve been like that my whole pregnancy 🤷🏻‍♀️

26.10.2017 06:53

Ugh it’s so frustrating, I wish my husband would understand I wish I could get in the mood. Not that I turn him down, but he’s definitely got to be the one to start something.

26.10.2017 07:02

@karla_little, I guess is normal, everybody is different.

26.10.2017 07:41
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