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Its like every few weeks I have a break down where I'm just miserable and it all hits me.. I feel like I can't make it 8 more weeks but I know I have to... Im down and its like nothing helps.. I'm tired of not being able to sleep but a few hrs a night, I'm tired of having to pee every hour, and being in so much pain but not being able to take anything that actually helps.. My doctor gave me ambien for sleep but told me not to take it often because when I take it it affects hazel that night so when I break down and take it I feel terrible about it.. (I've only taken it twice this pregnancy...)

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— Just remember what is at the end of the tunnel you are going through right now. A beautiful little girl is at the end of the tunnel. 😍@hazelnautumnsmomma125

— I was prescribed Ambien with my daughter bc I couldn't sleep for nothing... At ALL. It was horrible lol the pharmacist refused to fill it for me bc I was pregnant and it "could" cause birth defects she said. So she told me to take Tylenol PM or benadryl and it wouldn't affect her. Maybe talk to your doc about that? You could definitely take it more at the very least to get some rest. I know the struggle all too well! I can't sleep this pregnancy either. Feel better 💖💖💖💖

— I’m here for you 💕

— @vvrobinson thank you girl💕💕

— @momma_bear I used to take Tylenol pm and benadryl a lot but they don't work for me.. I've done research on it and it said it could cause birth defects in babies that the mom took it every night for 90 days or more.. And I'm definitely not taking it like that. But I still worry some

— @hazelnautumnsmomma125 Tylenol PM and all that doesn't work on my husband either, literally nothing works on him lol. Feel better momma 💖💖💖 you're almost there

— @momma_bear thank you and ya I'm like your hubby😓