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Smoking Marijuana during pregnancy: how much can you consume and is it bad for the baby?

I've heard from other preggo mommies to be it's safe to smoke a small amount out of a pipe.

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— Any kind of smoking is bad for the baby. I wouldn’t recommend it even if your smoking a small amount

— I’m highly for cannabis use during pregnancy, not enough info on it for people to assume it’s bad. Only downfall is if your in an illegal state, CPS could be called if your child tests positive.

— @mommyof1boyy, why exactly are you highly for cannabis use during pregnancy ?

— @parismommmy, because it helps with a lot. Morning sickness, helping to keep up an appetite, anxiety and depression and so so so much more :) but everyone has different opinions!

— @mommyof1boyy, I agree that’s why I like to hear others opinions so I can be educated 😊

— I smoked until 32 weeks roughly. I only smoked maybe half a bowl a day, but sizes vary for pipes obviously so just do what you feel comfortable with. I'm in a state where it's only medically legal and I don't have a card yet, that's why I stopped at 32 weeks so I can be sure it's completely out of my system by the time I give birth and it'll hopefully not be in my baby's blood because I don't want to deal with cps over bullshit. Lol

— I'm pro cannabis but didn't smoke much during pregnancy. I switched to cbd candies and edibles.

— Ooh yes, I wish I had edibles instead because I feel like inhaling the smoke instead of oxygen was still not good for the baby. If you can do edibles instead you should.

— @damiensmommy1117 I've been wanting to smoke just like a hit or two to help with my appetite bc I wake up and eat until 2 then eat dinner at 6 and a bowl of cereal or cookies before bed. My aunt told me it's safe to smoke it, obviously up to a certain of months. And even doctors prescribed Marijuana to those who have no appetite. I just wanted to know everyones opinion bc I used to be a pot head, and I've been wanting to take a hit or two to see if it helps with my eating

— @damiensmommy1117 if doing edibles is better how much can a pregnant women consume?

— Please be careful my sister in law smoked during her pregnancy and they drug tested her and cps got involved

— @k.plascencia That's the main reason I started up again. I used to smoke like 2 or more bowls a day before I got pregnant, but stopped until like 16 weeks because I kept going a day or day and a half without eating and I knew it wasn't good. I also preferred smoking instead of taking the pills that are supposed to help with nausea and appetite because I have no clue what's in those pills, but I knew exactly what I was putting my bowl. Lol

— @k.plascencia I would only do small amounts if its just to get your appetite back up. We used to get brownies from a dispensary, I don't really remember the cannabis content in them, but I would only break off a small piece from the corner then wait about an hour and if I felt like I needed more then I'd break off an even smaller piece.. Idk how helpful that is though... lol

— @damiensmommy1117 yeah I feel you on that, I took pills for nausea and it did not help I still was throwing up 😷 I live in California. So if I choose to take a hit or two, I will but it will probably be for like a couple of days I'm about to be 27 weeks and I don't want it to pop up on my blood tests

— @damiensmommy1117 oh no that's helpful lol I know how edibles from dispensaries can be they can either hit you within 20 minutes in or take hours to hit you

— @k.plascencia Omg yes, I didn't know that the first time I was given an edible so I ate a big piece and didn't feel anything so I ate another big piece 10 minutes later and I was flat on my back an hour later watching the ceiling dance for the rest of the night 😂😂😂