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I seriously hate where I live. My city is holding a "white lives matter" meeting. Like what the actual fuck. 😡

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— I would love to be a fly on the wall lol

— @amouryaya09, I'm ashamed honestly.

— @cameronsmommy17, I wouldn’t let it bother me. It’s their right. It’s comical if anything

— 🙄 goodness. I swear

— @courtneyraelochamy, right?

— Bet it's a bunch of salty white guys talked about how they're oppressed 🙄

— Holy shit 😂😂😂 I honestly hate being white. I find my skin color degrading because of the way it's used by so many other people like this. White people need to get over themselves, seriously.

— 🤣🤣🤣🤣

— @damiensmommy1117, you're telling me!

— This whole world has gone nuts. ALL LIVES MATTER!!!

— 😂😂😂 omg ! It’s funny because “black lives matter” started because of the many unjustified police killings so it was just a way to say hey we matter too! So what exactly do white ppl need to protest for saying white lives matter...smh this shit is so ridiculous like it’s turned into something so ugly that’s dividing us when it was supposed to bring us all together !

— @tialynn, exactly! Someone wanted to say "so black people can do but we can't?" And I'm like "that's not the point!"

— @cameronsmommy17, girl it’s a mess but honestly really refreshing to see a white person with enough sense to understand the point lol so thank you for your intelligence

— @tialynn, you're welcome lol