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Bedding is on & the mobile will be down once baby is in the crib . Next to our up the camera and a few other items .

You will be able to see all photos, comment and read other posts in the app


— How come the mattress is so low?

— @kkmamax3, cause we didn’t raise it yet

— @mamabearof2, oh gotcha! Love that bedding btw!

— Love it

— Mama how did you make your cover photo

— @mamamariposaxo, paid version of the monogram app on the apple app market

— @mamabearof2, oh I used to have it but not any one can make me one one please

— @mamamariposaxo, yes inbox me what you want

— @mamamariposaxo, I love that app and Cuptakes been using them for years !!

— @mamabearof2, thx you I will :)