So my baby has an extra digit that just hangs. I hate it plus it makes me nervous when I'm changing her clothes and stuff. I be afraid that I might pull on it or something however we're going to have it removed soon. Anyways I keep hearing ppl say that it's a sign of twins. Is that true?

My daughter have two and as she grows they get smaller and smaller and its not goimg anywhere its just like a normal finger just extra and if it isnt to big are to thick i wouldn't let it bother me my daughers hers is thin and small and have gotten smaller i alsi had one when i was a baby

26.10.2017 07:19

@michelle52129 they said it would fall off on its own if I didn't want to have it surgically removed since the hospital wouldn't allow the new doc to tie it off. Do u know if twins run in your family or in their dads family. I also had a wic appointment today and the nutritionist said its becoming more common seeing extra digits on little ones

27.10.2017 01:56

@maemae yes twins run on my mom side of the family i have to twin cousins and two also on my dad side lol

27.10.2017 08:02

@maemae twins run on both side of our familys and never heard of ot fallimg off on its own

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