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Anyone have any tips on how to soothe sore nips I'm exclusively breastfeeding and I'm such a wimp this time around it hurts so bad !!!🀒

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β€” Damp a wash cloth and put in the freezer then put it on after feedings or you can buy the cooling nipple gel pads

β€” It's pretty terrible the first two weeks you can do it momma πŸ’ͺ🏻

β€” Thank you I will try that NOW! I bf with my daughter but it's been so long I forgot how painful it was 😭

β€” @martcas1989, use lots of nipple cream and at every feeding


β€” Not nursing yet but mine have been so dry, itchy and chapped. This was a life saver for me !

β€” @kingstons_mommy805, thank you

β€” Rub your own breast milk on them after every feed. Breast milk works wonders!

β€” @blessedmama09, thank you I was given that tip by the RN and I've been doing it with the colostrum. My milk hasn't came in yet. Btw that was the best thing to do!

β€” @martcas1989, you're welcome! Yes, a lactation consultant told me to do that when I first ever breast fed and I've done it every time now. I've breast fed all my kids and I've never had to buy any creams and I only cracked that first time I ever breast fed. It really helped me. I hope it continues to help you!β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•

β€” Mine hurt bad :(