Do you need help finding moms from the app for the National Playdate Day? Please try using Mom Finder. Go to your profile page and tap Find mom friends. Then scroll down to the Mom Finder. Select it and try your city and the surrounding areas.

Here are some groups that have started to form for the June 1st National mom.life Playdate Day. If you see a mom near you, please message her to join. Or start your own group and comment below.

If you can't do June 1st, you can hold your playdate at the weekend or another day in June!

Username City
@Trezelle Albany, NY
@Arivera64 Waterbury, CT
@kimberlyyyy_the_preemie-mom Lake Tahoe, CA
@mommymcclung Queen Creek, Arizona
@mommywifelifestyle Houston, TX
@Cubanese Southhaven, MS
@ellieinmybelly Meridian, MS
@erinflaherty818 Dover, DE
@Heera Debarry, FL
@erikasmiles123 Clarkston, MI
@mommychina_ Columbia, SC
@theinkedmommy Douglasville/Atlanta, GA
@megbaby07 Raleigh, NC
@momofdeuce and @kailey.gallentine Cerritos, CA
@txyogagirl Dallas, TX
@charong Bay Area, CA
@angelinamomwife Queens, NY

Is there anyone from Tucson, Az and not PHX holding a play date?

18.05.2017 02:30

🎀Any mommies in San Diego

18.05.2017 03:12

Dallas Tx June 1 Message me for details

18.05.2017 03:14

Saturday June 3rd 1pm to 3pm Waterville park, Waterbury CT https://www.facebook.com/events/323657511386959/?ti=cl If you don't have fb just message me if you're coming. You can just show up too. Rsvp isn't required

18.05.2017 03:56

Bismarck North dakota

18.05.2017 04:10

18.05.2017 04:50

Cincinnati , Ohio . 💜❤💙🌞 would love to have a play date and make new friends !

18.05.2017 05:18

any moms in Virginia

18.05.2017 05:28

Anyone in Columbus Ohio hosting a play date!?

18.05.2017 05:36

@bayleisnipes0121, right here!! :) where in VA?

18.05.2017 06:10

@mrs.carmdi Bristol

18.05.2017 06:16

18.05.2017 06:35

June 1st Liberty park Cerritos, Ca 11 am. Potluck Games and prizes! Everyone is welcome!!

18.05.2017 07:27

@bayleisnipes0121, awww I'm in warrenton.

18.05.2017 16:57

This seems like a cool thing to do but scary.. to meet up with women you've never met... I watch too many crime shows! Lol

18.05.2017 17:06

Anyone in northern Wisconsin?

18.05.2017 17:26

@mrs.carmdi idk where that is

18.05.2017 17:28

18.05.2017 22:45

@bayleisnipes0121, it's north east... few miles away from D.C.

18.05.2017 22:52

@mrs.carmdi oh okay

18.05.2017 23:00

We need one for Austin, TX

21.05.2017 05:37

@meldelrey, yes! Try using mom finder to locate local moms. Go to your profile and tap find mom friends and then you'll see it.

21.05.2017 05:47
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