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Hello, my name is Ashlea. I am a 21 year old stay at home mom to a tornado 17 month old boy. I have traveled with him since he was 4 months old. We have flown to North Carolina, Las Vegas, Florida, and plan to fly to California by end of year. We live in Texas and drive to Louisina several times a year for weekend trips. I also traveled while I was pregnant. We drove to Iowa, Dallas, Louisiana, and flew to Florida and a week cruise all before my 25th week.

Traveling tips.
1. Plan ahead.
2. Bring snacks and entertainment.
3. Check with your airline to make sure diaper bag is a free carry on and they allow free of charge stroller and car seat checked.
4. Pack two days in advance so you are not stressing the day before. Making it liable for you to forget something.
5. If staying at a hotel check to see if they have a crib or play pen. Some do and will leave them in the room for you before you arrive.
6. Breathe you will make it through and having a wonderful time.
7. Bring a camera!! You will want to take pictures for you to look back on.
8. Double check your reservations.
9. Bring your child's birth certificate just in case they require it.
10. Have a list of emergency contacts in your child's diaper bag.

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What are some must-haves you always pack for traveling?? Any extra tips for flying and driving with an 8 month old?? I am also from Dallas and am traveling solo next week to Phoenix and we are driving to Florida next month!! ANY tips to ease my mind would be helpful!!! #mombassadorchat @mommywifelifestyle

16.05.2017 18:30

@clang92 maybe this will help?

16.05.2017 18:32

#mombassadorchat @mommywifelifestyle, my daughter is about to be 5 and I have a lil one on the way. My due date is June 12 but she may come before then. If she does come before then when is the best time for me to take her out if we wanted to travel?

16.05.2017 18:32

#mombassadorchat @mommywifelifestyle, What are the requirements to fly with an infant?

16.05.2017 18:35

@t.osgood2015 thanks that does help

16.05.2017 18:37

#mombassadorchat @mommywifelifestyle, Do you have baby food on board – does it have to be ordered in advance?

16.05.2017 18:40

Thank you so much! I'm having a hard time figuring out how to travel with my over mth old daughter (she will be) in October for a family member's wedding. The flying tips relaxed me. I plan on breastfeeding when she's born so this was so helpful.

16.05.2017 18:53

great tips! im thinking about pursuing a career as a flight attendant.

16.05.2017 19:01

Hi we are trying to do a road trip to Texas in a few weeks with my son who will be almost 4 months then. Sometimes he is not happy all the time being restrained so I am a little worried about a 14 hour drive! We plan to break it up into 2 days each way. Any tips??

16.05.2017 19:06

Do a baby need their own seat?

16.05.2017 19:08

@muva_of_2 no there is no baby food on board the airplanes

16.05.2017 19:17

@armywife72515 No problem :) really we are more stressful thinking about it then it actually is

16.05.2017 19:18

@cschwartz2010 I always make sure to bring toys, snacks, and sippy cup. Bring extra clothes since accidents do happen. Also don't stress if don't bring enough wipes or diapers you can always buy them. We actually just bring enough to get us to our location then purchase some when we get there so don't have to bring as much stuff. Don't forget your stroller I made that mistake once when we went to Las Vegas yikes. It's also a good idea to bring 2 or 3 new toys as that way they are interested in trying the new toy out versus getting bored with her same toys.

16.05.2017 19:22

@muva_of_2 I would wait till she at least has her shots.

16.05.2017 19:22

@muva_of_2 they have to be in your lap. You can purchase a separate seat (I wouldn't waste the money)but then have to bring their car seat on and it has to meet certain height requirements as some seats are small.

16.05.2017 19:23

@mommywifelifestyle, on that's helps and make sense

16.05.2017 19:25

@awilder7 sit in the back seat with him if you can or your spouse. That way you can entertain him if you need to. I prefer traveling during bedtime since my son will sleep majority of the time if I do. Really distraction is key. When you stop to get gas even though only takes a few minutes get him out and walk around outside that will help so he is not restrained constantly. Then plan to take some long breaks. When you are hungry instead of going through drive through go inside.

16.05.2017 19:26

@rhomiilove412 if they are under 2 they do not have to. They can ride in your lap.

16.05.2017 19:26

Sorry everyone my phone didn't notify me

16.05.2017 19:27

@cschwartz2010 oh and the best advice I can give you is breathe. I was so stressed out the first time I flew and just made things so much more hectic for me

16.05.2017 19:28

@muva_of_2 no problem 😁

16.05.2017 19:28

When is a good time to fly with children @mommywifelifestyle

16.05.2017 19:52

What is a good age to fly @mommywifelifestyle

16.05.2017 19:53

@smilingwithmyawesome4kids I found flying with a baby was easier then with a toddler. They are a lot easier to entertain versus a toddler who wants to explore. Really it just depends on you I flew with me son at 4 months since he had his shots. I do not recommend before shots though as airports are filled with all kinds of things

16.05.2017 20:23

@smilingwithmyawesome4kids Also flying at night and early in the morning had the least amount of people on each flight I have been on during the day there are more people and are more crowded. Try going at naptime if you do fly during the day that way they are sure to sleep through the flight.

16.05.2017 20:24
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