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Talks about pregnancy

Since I did alot for my momma for mother's day hubby is demanding me to be lazy all day today 💖 guess I'll listen to his orders lol

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Happy mothers day to all you beautiful mommas

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Trying to find the best car seat, idk what to go with. So what type of brands do you mommy's use and where do you shop from?

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It's a GIRL!!!!! Getting my little princess and I couldn't be happier

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Omg omg omg today's the day we find out the gender!!!! Come on 3pm

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This pregnancy has me gaining to much weight lol even my arms and legs are getting fat. Dont get me wrong I know you'll gain alot growing a human inside you but I'm used to being 125lbs for so long

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One more week and we find out what you are my little one 💜💙

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18 weeks today 🤩 May 8TH needs to get here so we can find out the gender 💜💙

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So much pressure on my left side today I dont even wanna move 😣

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All I wanna do is eat my dinner but every time I take a bite feel like I wanna puke it up 😑 good thing I was able to eat during the day

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Good News! I had an appointment this morning and my SCH has reabsorbed, and I’ve been taken off all restrictions. My due date was also moved up to October 24. I’m so relieved. I didn’t even really how much the SCH had been weighing on me until she said it was gone.

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Got the doppler out to listen to babys heartbeat and only heard it for a split second till he/she moves and couldn't find it again. I'll try again later hopefully won't be so stubborn lol

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Things are looking up! Roommate found his own place and now gone, finally have room for the babies 😁 hopefully getting my van up and running next weekend and job interviews are being set up! Day at a time

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This momma needs to get things done but this dizziness and lightheaded is saying otherwise

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Just so in love with this picture 🤰💜💙

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I will be 15w 2d when I go to the doc next week. Fingers crossed I get to find out the gender

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I'm sorry in advance for this rant. I moved out of my boy friends a year ago and recently came back. Within that year he had his brothers friend move in, wasn't supposed to be for long and he's still here. He gives only $100 to my boy friend outta his check and helps with NOTHING ELSE. Comes home from work and sits on his ass playing his x-box. There no extra bed in the spare room so he keeps his clothes in there and acts like the living room is his room so I'm constantly stuck in our room. I'm ... Read more

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