Talks about pregnancy in city Los Angeles

Tested this morning omgggggg the test line is reallllllly faint

Good morning from my monkey and I

Day 4 no period i think im getting happy

Ugh sore neck & a headache apparently My boy loves my face as a pillow 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄😴

Out with babes family today i love how close he is with his little brother who is almost 1 hes gonna make a great daddy

Feeling really crappy lately & its getting to the point where I’m not enjoying anything.

Why is it that my marriage feels like it’s breaking apart... I want my baby to have a father

My boyfriend is so extra it took him a whole hour and a half to make two of these when he could've just made 1 big one!! Thinking he's Chef Boyardee ... 😂

Poppy is always trying to eat Effie’s food 😄🖤 #momlifephotos

Took 5 week pics i know barely anything is there

Everytime I tell my daughter it's time for bed or it's nap time something hurts. 😂😭 Maddie: mommy my eyelashy just hurts Me: why does your eyelash hurt Maddie: doggy bit my eyelashy mommy Me: you still taking a nap We don't have a dog! She's so ...

Almost done with laundry 👌

Привет всем)

7 weeks to go 😬

Sex joke: before I had kids I would be like “harder daddy” now that I got 2 kids I’m like “wth you doing tryna fuck me like I ain’t got no fucking walls. I’m a lady.”

Nobody’s holds it down better than a good woman.

Quick question my fertility app says im 5 weeks today since my last period but how if i had sex last week im really confused

I either ate to much or im just really bloated and tired

Im craving chocolate so bad even though i found out im not supposed to have it

Purple once again🖤