Talks about pregnancy in city Houston

Hi I am a new mom my son is barely going to turn 7 months soon. I am 20 years old and married. A new mommy taking it day by day.

Born 2/22/18 😍😘

I tried jogging today, hurt my knee 🙄!

@claudia0786 how is baby girl's hair holding up now??

Binge worthy tonight 🍿 Netflix series recommendations ??

39 weeks today. Can’t wait to see my baby boy.!!

Could I boil water and mix it with the baby formula? Instead of buying baby water?

He fell asleep 😴 while breastfeeding 🤱 likes to cuddle on my chest

Well I guess I’m going full term 🤷🏽‍♀️my doctor isn’t trying to induce me right now meanwhile he said my cervix is effaced (softened) and by next week I should start dilated or some time now. If not then he will induce. I’m so tired of being pregnant ...

This lady did not just open up a beer at the nail salon 😂

This pedicure is about to make me fall asleep lol

So proud of us all! Popping these babies out & shit 😅 look at us💪😂

The gripe worked really well for wookie last night 👍

Currently sitting in the Taco Bell drive thru l. I’ve done so awful these past few days

Moms deserve a little fun

Ready for summer

I’m hangry!!!if I don’t get my food it’s going to be a problem! 😤

Omg 😩😩it felt soo good taking a hot bubble bath for the first time again

Because it’s national margarita day 💁🏼‍♀️

Just got off of work! I’m off tomorrow to do I decided I needed me a drink