Talks about pregnancy in city Dallas

When your baby is sick and the light is on.

My poor baby has bronchitis and while at the er he called 911.

Husband woke me up around 1 am making noise and now I’m still up watching Lifetime movies like they’re going out of style! Thanks Michael!!! (He’s sleeping like a baby by the way).

Everything I’m reading keeps saying my morning sickness should be going away soon... THEY ALL LIE 😞

Some of the females on here are really really annoying. #illbenice

Is it the baby and our hormones that makes us constipated or is it the Prenatal’s? Hurting right now... TMI... going for the first time in almost a week. 😏 and the cleaning guy keeps knocking on the door(At Work). Might as well come back. I’m going t ...

I kinda feel bad for my husband some days and then some days I don’t. But he has really been getting on my nerves so bad!!!! I just want to punch him the face. It’s just him though, nobody else 🤦‍♀️ lol oh well

RIP baby boy

His smile means the world to me

Ok mommas! It’s about that time for me. Can no longer buckle my pants bc it’s uncomfortable. Size small shirts are no longer serving me well lol 😂Where can I go to get cute and affordable maternity clothes?

Threw up 5 times between waking up and getting to work. But I made it lol 😂

I remember like one month ago I was on the verge of leaving my husband! Between then and today he has really stepped back up like the man I fell in love with! Sometimes you just have to put a little fire under their ass. People get comfortable! Don’ ...

Everybody has been calling and texting to check on me lately bc I’ve been MIA. Nothing happened... I’ve just been super sick all day every day with morning “all day” sickness. This baby is kicking my ass!

Got a new phone yay

The baby is really kicking my butt. I was up til 3am with heartburn and nausea. N today the cup saga begins. Have to keep a huge cup in the car just in case😞

Has anybody else and Lifetime Movie Club become best friends since becoming pregnant? Lol Or is it just me?

Today I turned 31

So I had my ultrasound yesterday and they gave me Diclegis to help with sickness! Anyone else take it? Any problems with it? I remember years ago it was all over the news!