Talks about pregnancy in city Charlotte

Ugh...tossing and turning all night, back and forth to the bathroom, stomach pains.....Lord where is June??

Really starting to feel like I’m never going to get pregnant again. I can’t afford to go to the dr and make sure everything is okay..

I started 😭😭😭

Period is 3 days late, took a test this morning and it was negative. Feeling a little crushed right now

Old but I miss my #bumptastic bump

My boo boo

Y'all!! I love Fergie...but what the heck happened?!

I Got: Boy twins What Will Their Name Be? Raymond Edward and Thomas Robert What Age Can They Have A Relationship? 16+ What Age Will They Have A Phone ? : 16+ What Sport Will They Play? Whatever they want What Will Their Last Name Be? Hopefully S ...

When did you ladies first take your little girls to get mani/pedis?

Late period and my boobs are killing me.. praying that the period never comes.

Okay, so my period is weird. I still get one every month, but for a couple months it’ll come on the same date.. then suddenly I’ll be late (get my hopes up that I’m pregnant) and then start like 4 days late.. so it throws me off on when to look for m ...

My bestie made the cutest smash cake for Desi with cupcakes to match!

I will be completely depressed if I start my period this month

Y'all I can't believe she is 1!! Happy Birthday my beautiful!

I joined this new make-up company called Shine Cosmetics. It is free to join and you get 10% off of purchases. Just message me below for more information! I would love for you to come check out my site! ...

Showed up a whole week early to my dentist appt....great.

She loves make up

Does anyone have this carseat? Is it good for a newborn?

Had a dream I was in labor....we were at the hospital and I was about to push. Now I'm nervous

The thin mint thief...