Talks about pregnancy in city Atlanta

I take care of my daughter while her daddy’s work his mom telling us repeatedly not to have any more kids I’m 23 I will be 24 in 3 months and he 29 about to be 30 like it’s my body and if I feel like having more kids then I’m going to have more you c ...

My love 😍 my life my world 🌎 my everything this who I do it for she keeps me going that smile is priceless💕💕

Daddy’s girl 💗💓💗💓 she makes him so happy 😁

Her smile means a lot to me 💕💕💕

Diaper Question !? My dd is 21 lbs going on 10 months. She is very long and currently in size 6 diapers. They are now also becoming tight/ill fitting on her. Is this the biggest size?! Will she have to where pull ups or something?!

Welcome to the world King Zion LJ Walton 💙💙 2/15/18 11:08 pm 7.9 pounds 20 inches

Mucas plug passed & having contractions 3-5 minuets apart 💃🏾

castor oil, nipple stimulation, hours of walking, dancing and squats & still no baby 😩 anything else i can try?

My mom sends me photos of my old self and I'm like "I was less fat back then" 😂 Showed my bf and he agreed. Time to hit the diet and green tea 😂 We both laughed

I'm a SAHM and looking for a way to earn some money. Anyone know how? I want to help my bf since he pays everything and even gives me weekly and I feel bad and want to help him out

fresh start. new beginning.

On my way to my interview so nervous I got this job I’m going to claim it i haven’t had a job since a year I’m ready to go back to work and take care of my daughter.

Good morning ☀️ Start your day off with a prayer, so stop what you’re doing and say a little prayer.🙏 Today is motivation Monday everyone have a positive day. Enjoy your day with a smile don’t let nobody steal your joy.❤️❤️❤️

Today is my interview wish me luck please pray that I get the job I know I’m going to get the job I claim it’s in the name of Jesus Christ.

39 weeks and 6 days! Impatient is an understatement

hi i’m Tuvshuu.

9 months has a fever if 100.7 fussy and has had a rash for over a week. Waiting on the on call doctor to call back. Also spit up/threw up once.

One year ago a king was born

high key getting sad to see everyone else w due dates after mine have their little ones & there’s really mo progress. I haven’t even had the slightest contraction & i’ve been walking & bussin it open like nobody business. i’m sick of tea and now i ju ...

I had my daughter in November and I’m trying for another baby now If you had a c-section how long did it take you to get pregnant please no negative comments I know you support to wait 6 months to a year but I don’t want to wait I want them to be clo ...