Talks about pregnancy in city Los Angeles

I really want to fucking scream.

Finally on my second trimester 😩 i feel like everything is going by so slow im over it already you guys .

I love how hes saying im not pregnant i told him only time will tell

Back from work once again weak and in pain did anyone else get flatulence this early because i normally dont and so far no AF anywhere so missed period day 1 dpo day 2

My daughter LOOKS just like my sister in the ultrasound she does not look like my babyyy πŸ˜‚

πŸ–€ #momlifephotos

When my daughter hears other people call me Alicia she thinks it's okay to call me by my name to. πŸ˜‚ Maddie: licia licia Me: I'm not licia I'm mommy

My baby daddy wants to spend β€œus” time and go to the tiki bar at Disney and then go to Disney at night. I seriously cannot help but to double think. I have to take my pump and will have to pump my way through the Disney parks. I feel guilty for leavi ...

It says af supposed to come today hope she dont

I hunk my daughter has an eye infection. A lot of green eye boogers. Can I just buy medicine?

This weeks baby agenda: β€’ Ultrasound β€’ 3 Hour Glucose β€’ Multiple Marker Screening I'm so tired of getting my blood drawn. I hate needles.

Yup once again woke up with more chest pain

I cant sleep either my back hurts or my chest and my bf is asleep on the phone with Me i dont wanna wake him up😳😳😳😒😒😒

The 2 week wait is so ughhh

Today work was miserable i was sick and in pain all 7 hours

So we baby danced yesterday and im excited

Hi im jamica my boyfriend since 2014 im 18 hes 20 and Ya

I took my boyfriend on a date to see The Black Panther and that movie is amazinggggg! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯We're going to take my mom to see it this Tuesday.

This picture reminds me of COCO πŸ˜„ β€œdimple, no dimple β€œ πŸ–€ #siblings #momlifephotos

If you have pregnancy rhinitis go ahead and get yourself a vaporizer and some eucalyptus oil. 12/10 reccomendation.