Talks about pregnancy in city Indianapolis

All i had today was a carmel frappuchino , pop tart and peach tea (so not healthy) but i went to the store at 10 am got back around 1pm and napped with my son woke up played with him, cleaned a little, got him ready for bed and then did my taxes...ju ...

Always have my Princess no matter what

I love my daughters daddy so much it's crazy I just hate that he has to be away from us for a couple years .... But & the meantime all I can do is be the BEST MOM to my 2 beautiful daughters .... #HeKeepsMeSane

Well my baby was moving around , I think I put the baby to sleep w/ the music.

Currently 😊 my baby can hear at 18 Weeks 5 Days Right ??


All you Pregnant mommies who still have innies ( belly buttons ) are so lucky ! Mines is poking out like crazy lol ! You can see it through my shirt 😂

Me becoming a Mom still hasn’t hit me yet , Someone that’s all my responsibility . 🤱🏽 maybe when I first lay eyes on my baby it will officially hit me . Or maybe even when I get bigger & I feel real kicks 🤷🏽‍♀️

I’m sooo 😐 bored

Pot roast , macaroni and cheese and green beans for dinner ☺️ yummm! But until then making some pizza rolls😁

My son is getting his 6month shots tomorrow, does anyone have advice on how to calm him later in the day afterwards? I heard some give their babies advil the day before.

Somebody wrote me & said if you have questions just google it 😑 If i want to ask y’all a question I will definitely Ask ! I don’t want to always google shit ! That’s another reason why I’m on here 🤷🏽‍♀️ why are people so ignorant ??

I got a lot of bath Bombs on Valentine’s Day , Are they safe to use while pregnant?

Been feeling dizzy a lot today already 🤨

I really need to get my mind off that apartment stuff & Just relax . I pray on it every night that it fall through for me🙏🏽 I really don’t want to continue being pregnant in my parents house 😑 feel like I’m stressing myself out .

Omg everybody was having their baby’s yesterday or LastNight , I’m so jealous lol . 👶🏽

Second night forgetting to take my Prenatal’s 😣 I feel so bad !! But GoodMorning Moms🙏🏽

13 days till gender reveal party and find out what I’m having so excited 😱😆

Up for no reason 🤦🏽‍♀️

I wish I could push my baby up out of my darn Pelvis!!!!