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Glucose test and Tdap shot done today! (29 weeks) Highlight: Me: hmm..this drink actually tastes good... Nurse: Cindyrella you can't have anymore after that one. Lol Me: ah man, but I get to take one home right. 🤣😂 Hubby: shaking head laughing. So needless to say the drink was fine by me and my blood is being tested...but no more sugar today for sure! Lol

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Been a while since I’ve done my makeup boy do I feel good about myself right now besides being extremely nauseous lol

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Next week is the last week of my classes then get a break till September and start right back up😩

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Smh, I haven't bought sexy panties since the middle of my relationship with my boyfriend(2years ago) & since I've been pregnant

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My BH are real close together , What does that mean ?? Like literally back to back & my lower back hurts so bad !!!

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I wish I had that perfect little family ! Why did I have to get pregnant by a asshole? I’m a wonderful young lady , loyal , trustworthy. I didn’t picture NONE of this in my life .... & honestly when my baby gets here I swear I don’t want my son around him at all ! I refuse for my child to be anything like him dad ! But I won’t do that to my baby because I know he need a dad in his life .

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Forgot my Sephora play box in the car cause I grabbed it out the mailbox before my appointment now I’m too lazy to go get it😩😭

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This is a rediculous amount of money to pay for hair products but I've heard great things and I'm hoping it works well..what made it worse was the $13 shipment fee on top of the $91 I'm already spending.

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Lost the most mucus I have ever lost in a day today 👀maybe it’s a sign at least I hope lol

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Wondering when I can get my induction scheduled 😩

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Freaked out today, my little man fell head first off the bed(he just has an area on the left that has red spots under his skin but no skin torn) It was my fault, I assumed his father was awake once I woke him up and told him to watch our little one so I can get the groceries from the car(his eyes were open and he seemed alert to watch him). Next thing I know, I came in and heard my baby scream like crazy..the whole time I was thinking I knew I should've put him in the pack and play...I was gues... Read more

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Appointment tomorrow hoping I dilated more but highly doubt it😩

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I never wanted someone so much ( My baby ) ! I’m so impatient! I can’t wait any longer .

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Couple days ago . I’ll be 36 weeks Thursday 💙

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Guess I gotta find another tattoo artist that is willing to book me end of july🙄since this hoe ain’t never replied so I let her know I’ll just be taking my business elsewhere 💁🏽‍♀️

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I’m about to eat all this & drink the juice 😊😊

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They love each other. Lol

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Just prepping and coming up with my list of stuff for the hospital, I am a planner! If there is anything missing that you are planning on taking let me know!?! :)

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