Talks about pregnancy in city Fort Worth

Omg so my husband.. y’all.. my husband. (Shakes head) he will find something to talk about with ANYONE. I stop by the store today and he’s ringing up this old old man his bourbon. The mans voice is damn near gone and I hear Chase go “feeling under th ...

Tricia Paytas’s social media is perplexing to me. I think she is SOOO beautiful. But I am also convinced she doesn’t have nipples. And I can’t look at her stuff for too long because seeing allllll that food literally, not figuratively, makes my stoma ...

Same, Audrey. Same.

#splooge #HOT

I have to brag for a moment. A super proud mommy moment... my daughter has been dancing and singing “yeah yeah yeah!” For a couple weeks now. It took me until just recently to find out she’s singing Elton Johns “I’m still standing” if you know the so ...

Thinking of you @mollyruthpeel, I hope everything went wonderful!! No rush to get back spend all the time you need. 😇

Excited for an evening out with my sister🤗🤗

Do y’all ever panic when your hubby’s grab your phone? I don’t know why I always feel “guilty” when he asks for my phone to see random things lmao like I’m not hiding anything, like what is he going to find🤷🏻‍♀️ the 100 pictures I take a day of our d ...

No more pictures please😂🙃

I had a dream my mom cheated on my dad with Eminem. 😂 at first I was livid and wouldn’t talk to her. Later on in the dream I met Mr. Mathers who drove his Maserati to my moms house seemed excited to meet me once I finally came around. He came outside ...

How many of y’all work two jobs? Are you making it or is it too hard on you? My job isn’t cutting it and I’m thinking about getting another one for early mornings

Breast milk is the best remedy to treat bad diaper rash.Plus no using wipes only a wash cloth and water to wipe then apply lanolin which I use for my breast sore.

My little George growing up everyday 😘😘😘

I mean 🤷🏻‍♀️


I don’t know how else to tell my daughter that dog food is for dogs, not peoples 🤦🏻‍♀️

I am running on 1 1/2 hours of sleep! I also had to reschedule my OBs appointment! Ugh my toddler needs to learn how to sleep better!!! I can’t function well at all! And did I mention my toddler is being a little jerk!😭😭😭ugh

Californian residents!! I’m wanting to plan a fun haunted tour vacation one day. Seeing as with two kids (hopefully one day soon) cruising and resorts are gonna be on hold for a while. I want to visit The Queen Mary Hotel, the Winchester house and Al ...


Another great Weightloss Transformation to inspire myself to keep going!!💕