Talks about pregnancy in city Detroit

I had a csection this past Friday I had one 5 years ago and two vaginal births in between that time but I'm in so much pain and barely can walk the meds they gave are not helping anybody know anything I can try to help with the pain??

My Karter

My youngest and my new baby

He's here!!!!!! I had him Friday morning by a csection everything wen really well..... soooo here's my Karter LaMauri Goodman he weighed 8lbs and 4ozs 21inches long...

I had a growth ultrasound yesterday and tjdu said the bby is weighting 9lbs 10,Oz's give or take a pound OMG I'm so tired and ready to meet my lil one so they finally are going to give me a csection. We have to be at the hospital at 6am I'm getting s ...

Almost that time and I'm not dilated, no contractions (,just cramps) and my cervix is not thinning out or nothing 😠 help me I nerf some tips to start my labor sex and walking not working

me and my hubby finally got some us time

OMG......... I'm sooooo ready πŸ˜”

, I can't tie my shoes 😞 and I still have more weeks of this crap...... My son is already weighing a Lil more than what he suppose to so hopefully around 37wks I can be induced I'm sooooo tired and this is baby number 4 so come a Lil early Karter!

Karter LaMauri Goodman, you officially have 57 days lol yes mommy is evicting you I want my body back and I can't wait to spoil you lol the last of my clan...... Baby number 4 , all boys this mommy is DONE with having kids!

30 weeks and 5 days...... currently having contractions all in my back 😒 I'm in so much pain any advice or any home remedies I can try to stop the pain

another sleepless , painful night ...... I'm so ready for March 😒

I'm so happy to see double digits you guys just don't understand, my pregnancy haven't been the worst but I'm tired all the time and I've been cramping for 3 days now..... Come on March 4 please

me and my big bby yesterday after parent teacher conference GO VJ

This crazy bby always upside down

Me and my husband are back to debating abt our new son name I want to name him Kameron but he has a older nephew (I have never met) named that so I picked Karter but I really like Kameron any boy name ideas ladies??

As of today I'm 21wks and I found out that I'm having another boy 😞 so that makes 4 boys I'm really getting my tubes tied!

Its been 16hrs n I haven't had any sleep any suggestions?

So I'm 20wks today and I have been sick all day anybody thts 20-24wks wat are some things ur feeling?