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Talks about pregnancy

Parenting gone wrong #sugarintheAM

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Been watching Teen Mom:Young+Pregnant and to me Kayla is stuck on stupid that boy just isn’t ready to be a man and Bar & Ashley gotta get it together😂😂I’m so happy her mama didn’t show up to Bar’s surprise party cause all hell would’ve broke loose twice

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Tomorrow I’ll have a two year old😘

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I want to post pictures on social media of my baby as soon as he’s born but at the same time i want to keep him all to myself for a while😩

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Question: if I go to a car mechanic and the same issue happens to my car within a month, do I still owe him for working on my car? Mind you, he told me that it's not my fault that he was sold bad parts.

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Oh man couldnt sleep for nothing my baby kept moving so much and have too much things on my mind sighhhh pregnancy life eating my good ass salad and watching my novelas lol

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Anyone have blurred vision while pregnant? This is literally my first time having it and it’s horrible like I really can’t see a thing

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Hello Everyone, I’m a newbie and I was wondering what’s the longest you’ve heard or known someone to get pregnant when they stop taking the pill?

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Tmi. But I am 32w 3d been having cramping with diarrhea and vagina pains and nausea (3 days now) What could it b

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What hair products did you guys use on your newborns hair? I want products that I can use daily and that’ll leave her hair healthy and also grow it

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I hope our daughter isn’t one that hates bows on her head cause me and her will be going at it all day I👏🏾Said👏🏾Don’t👏🏾Touch👏🏾That👏🏾Bow!

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All that barbecue in the kitchen and I wake up and wanna eat ice😂😂

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FTM- is it normal to feel pain in which i assume are the bones at the opening of the vagina? Or is this a sign of labor? (Got my membranes stripped yesterday morning) & i think im losing my mucus plug in pieces right now. It hurts to walk since last night. I thought maybe it’d go away over night but it didn’t. Scheduled to be induced Thursday.

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Anyone have an opinion if it’s better to test dipping stick in cup of urine or going right on it ?

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I love seeing my baby with a pull-up on during nap (although she is potty trained). It reminds me that she's still my "baby." 😍

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In your experience do first response tests give Evap lines ? Took a test today. When I look super close I think I see something. Just wondering if it may be the beginning of a line or if it may just be an evap.

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I just been so depressed. Not even cleaning up or anything. Watching everything that I worked hard for, wither away slowly.

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How long did it take to go into labor after Dr. stripped your membranes? Just had mine stripped. Only open 1cm. And have to go in Thursday night to get induced.

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This is literally my second glass😂😂it’s working so far

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