Talks about pregnancy in city Chicago


In need of mommy friends! That can actually stay in contact 😩

I’ve never went to the bathroom every five minutes in my first trimester🤦🏾‍♀️now all of a sudden in my second I go back to back

Little’s has a bath and are now in bed, mommas exhausted plus they didn’t nap long today. They were getting so crabby 👎🏻

I’ve given our daughter a nickname already and it’s Cakez only because I know she’s gonna be chunky when she arrives😂😂😍

I’ve never had a female cat before and she’s in her first round of heat and man oh man. She’s not big enough to get spayed yet but I just feel so bad for her cause this can be painful to them.

Omg!! Im stressing out my hands looked worn out i swear do you ladies know of any hand cream to help them look and feel younger?!?!

One more week and I’ll be five months❤️❤️ #19Weeks

I want to try starbucks for the first time what should i get?!

The way my daughter holds her bottle 😂😂😂

Anyone have their 6 month old on a sleeping routine ? How many naps do they take!? I sure need my baby on one

Time to go make these tacos

Does anyone else’s kid whine “I don’t want to” all day long?!

I’ve never had one of these before but it’s really good and baby seems to love it☺️

25 weeks pregnant and I’ve have normal poop. Today I have horrible diarrhea.. kinda gross but anyone else have this issue? What did you do? #buttonfire

I never knew😂😂Idk how to feel about that

Good morning mommies! I'm just up with the great morning sickness🤢. Thought if I just stayed still it wouldn't happen......SIKE😣😣😣

Y'all! This Subway is sooo awsome lawwwd😁😁😁

I want another baby 😩