Talks about pregnancy in city Charlotte

I Got: Boy twins What Will Their Name Be? Raymond Edward and Thomas Robert What Age Can They Have A Relationship? 16+ What Age Will They Have A Phone ? : 16+ What Sport Will They Play? Whatever they want What Will Their Last Name Be? Hopefully S ...

When did you ladies first take your little girls to get mani/pedis?

Late period and my boobs are killing me.. praying that the period never comes.

Okay, so my period is weird. I still get one every month, but for a couple months it’ll come on the same date.. then suddenly I’ll be late (get my hopes up that I’m pregnant) and then start like 4 days late.. so it throws me off on when to look for m ...

My bestie made the cutest smash cake for Desi with cupcakes to match!

I will be completely depressed if I start my period this month

Y'all I can't believe she is 1!! Happy Birthday my beautiful!

I joined this new make-up company called Shine Cosmetics. It is free to join and you get 10% off of purchases. Just message me below for more information! I would love for you to come check out my site! ...

Showed up a whole week early to my dentist appt....great.

She loves make up

Does anyone have this carseat? Is it good for a newborn?

Had a dream I was in labor....we were at the hospital and I was about to push. Now I'm nervous

The thin mint thief...

I had to share what my friend posted

My toddlers new thing is to call me “mom” when I get onto her

My child is cutting 3 teeth at once...the two front teeth and 1 right beside those two.....Help me Lord.


Please tell me I’m not the only one with baby fever that it physically hurts your heart?

So I’ve been saying for years if I ever have a girl her name will be Emily Noelle. And I still lovvvvvve the name but I’ve just recently fallen in love with the name Elyse and I don’t know what to do know. I’m so conflicted on changing the name compl ...

Okay #pottytraining moms, what’s the easiest way to get poop out of the potty??