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Charlotte, posts from the channel

Talks about pregnancy

My little warrior.... Cameron Quinn Hogan 6/19/18 7lbs 3oz 19in

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So my baby is in NICU due to low blood sugar. Same as my last baby....I know it could be much worse but I'm still just sad. Every time I think we are making progress his levels slip back down. My milk hasn't come in yet so we have to supplement with the high calorie formula and I just feel like there's nothing I can do and we're just being held hostage. I feel like he would be better if I could have him close to me 24/7 and my milk would come in. That's what happened with my last child. Milk d... Read more

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Stuck between enjoying my time off from mommy and wife duties and being miserable confined to this hospital and baby in NICU #thegrassisalwaysgreener....

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So I'm going to get striaght to I said I'm like 5 or 6 wks.. this is my 2nd pregnancy but I have no children yet. My guy and I had intercourse and I started spotting. I am freaking out ! Any words for me ladies?!

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I'm only 6wks pregnant and sooo nervous about everything

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Y'all!!! I forgot to tell y'all that my baby had not 1 but 2 cords wrapped around his neck!!!!

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Need some idea for a baby room i saw some on pintrest but i want to do something simple in a way

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My birth story!! So Tuesday morning I kept waking up to some intense contractions....I finally gave up on sleep and started timing. Nothing I did made them ease up and they got to 4-7 mins apart. So I called the doctor....they had me come in to be checked and I was 5cm so they sent me to be admitted. By the time I got there, which was literally across the street, I was at 6cm and contractions 2-6mins apart....they hooked me up, i got my epi, and then I just stalled.. I stayed at 6cm for HOURSS... Read more

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Well y'all my baby boy is here!!! And I have one hell of a birth and details will come tomorrow, Mama's tired lol. Thank y'all for all the encouragement and positive vibes!!!

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Ugh.....still only at 6cm...about to start pitocin....gahhh I don't want any more contraction pain!!! Why must my labors be so longggggggg

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Dilation stalled, had to have my water broken and bladder emptied. Finally got the epi....6cm but baby still high.....looks like nap time for me

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It's go time!! I'm 5cm and just got to hospital from being sent by my doc....

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Welp....waiting to be checked.... contractions went to 4-7mins apart...called the doc and they said come to the office to be I'm here waiting....fingers crossed

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Contractions strong enough to wake me from sleep but not close enough together 😥😥

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Whats a good baby food maker . Wanna get some priced ,thinking about making my babies food

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Day 1.. no period.. maybe this will be my month.. trying not to get my hopes up. My stress level has been down more than it has in past months. And had sex a lot around ovulation time.. prayers please

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I'm growing so impatient waiting for labor.... I just want him out, healthy, and to our home.

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Can anyone tell me how in the world to use a. Cloth diper i tried two and it went straight thru

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My baby's movements have slowed down....he passing the 10/2 counts but barely so I might be panicking a little. Gonna do another kick count and see.

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