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Can I move somewhere where it's this weather all the time? Finally got the kids to the park so they could play on their bikes. We all needed the exercise and Vitamin D.

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Finally got the nerve to sell my Ava bracelet. Even though were done with kids, the finality of it all is a little heart breaking 💔

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Bought brand new online and the day after it shipped I got my BFP. Never opened and couldn't return. Trying to recoup the 250+shipping I paid.

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Going to ask Casey Anthony to watch my daughter while I run out and get another $30 face cream to replace the one my daughter used as finger paints this morning.

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Sometimes, we all need a reminder.

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My children have no shame.

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Go home Wal-Mart. You're drunk.

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Can we please set up some sort of IQ test before people are able to join this app?

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Has anyone ever implemented the Montessori Method with their children? Did you stick to a schedule or just use their materials?

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This dude at the gym had somuch cologne, I had to abandon my treadmill while it was still running 😂. I couldn't breathe 🙊

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People get way too butthurt over not getting something for Valentine's day. Don't shit in someone else's cheerios because you hate your own life. It's a made up holiday anyway. Buy your own shit.

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Totally safe, right?

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Scrolling through this app makes me realize how bad I suck at this Valentine's day thing. I could've at least dressed my son in some red for school or something 😂😂😂

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Wow, how did my husband get so lucky ❤❤

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Happy Valentine's day my gorgeous ladies!

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I put in my medical record transfer so they could send them over to my new OB. The woman had the audacity to ask why I was switching. "Well, besides the fact that I'm sick of sitting in a room full of crackheads, getting hot boxed with their cigarette smoke only to be misdiagnosed AGAIN. Then receive a bill that is for a completely absurd amount.... No reason" 🤦‍♀️

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My new car has this totally awesome gas saving feature. It "shuts off" when you come to a stop at a red light or stop sign. TOTALLY not anxiety inducing. Especially when you've been driving a stick for the past few years and the engine cutting out is a sign you've stalled out.

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Question. I know all schools are different, but at what point do kids NOT go out for recess in elementary school? My son left his hat and gloves in my car and I'm trying to reason taking it back to him or not.

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Happy 6th birthday my first love❤ This was the first photo I had with my son and my aunt asked me to take it down because part of my nipple was showing. 😂 #itsgonnabeanofrommedawg

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