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Talks about pregnancy

My ER story I just got home from the hospital been there since 7pm last night. The reason why I when to the ER because I’m bleeding. I had my first period March 8 and last only 5 days after I had my daughter and my second period was April 8, today is April 24 and I’m still bleeding. My ER visit Surprised my daughter father and I. I’m pregnant yep that’s what the doctor said I’m about 2 or 3 weeks pregnant. I have to follow up with my doctor so I’m going to call her tomorrow morning. I’m just a l... Read more

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My daughter too cool 😎

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Our oldest pup loves to hang out on my bump. It's the weirdest but sweetest thing lol

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After 4 months of hell-hormones, the darkness has begun to lift (thanks to Wellbutrin, bc antenatal depression is no joke) so I was sitting here at work thinking about my husband and felt like giving him some kudos after everything I've put him through(👹) I texted him a nice sweet message of gratitude & love❤ return, I got a text asking if I was high followed by a phone call to make sure I was okay 😂😂😂

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Look who sitting up all by herself

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Im serious looking for mommy friends near me. I need to go out. 👭🤝

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I had the most ugly and scariest dream. I was at home with my son , my husband, and my sisters. And then this guy came and started to talk to us, like trying to know us. And out of no where he started killing us differently. So I got my son tight and didn’t let him go. When he took my son out my hands , he got the pan and hit me with it on my neck, and basically killed me slowly. Then I saw that he got my son and killed him by smacking him hard on his head. When my body finally died. I rebuked... Read more

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Guys! I was so skinny 3 years ago😩😍 vs now. 😬😒

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You guys my son knows how to say his numbers from 1-10 ! I’m so proud of him ❤️❤️

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What do they do when you get a physical done? Just blood work?

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Mommies Angels

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Why are so many people against biracial babies??

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Hey Ladies🙌🏻. I’m Looking for New Friends in My Area.🤝 Someone I can giggle with, && go out.👯‍♀️etc.

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So I went to the fair with my Family. & got on 2 heavy rides. 😩I felt a little dizzy on the first one. 😧& when I got on the second one I just couldn’t get on more. 🤒I got so dehydrated. My lower abdomen started hurting. 😢So I ate some Nachos and cheese with a bottle of water, and felt good👍🏻. When we came home , I wasn’t feeling good && threw up a lot . I’m currently drinking “Diet Canada Dry “. & Water.🙅🏻‍♀️ Could this mean that maybe I could be pregnant? Or it’s just because of the rides?

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Feeling some pressure in my lower belly. It hurts a little. Feels like someone is poking me..🤔

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My little family just the 3 of us💕💕💕

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I’m so sleepy....I need a nap NOW!! 😴

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